Kids Party

I know that for some people that when they throw parties they try to out do themselves and to try to out do everyone else. Now, this makes for a good party but come on, some times going all out is just a little ridiculous. I spent about thirty minutes this passed Saturday talking photo booth rental while I was at a child’s birthday party. Let me back up here and explain a few things, this may get a little confusing so I’ll try not to mess this up. My brother Todd married a girl named Jessica, Jessica has a sister named Natalie. Natalie married Chuck and they have two kids, a girl named Amber and a boy named Nick. It was Nick’s 8th birthday one day this passed week and Natalie rented a hall to have the party at, yes she rented a hall, she invites so many people to her children’s birthday parties that she needs a hall.

Anyways, if you haven’t guessed yet she had a photo booth at Nicks party and obviously it was a big hit. Kids and adults can enjoy a photo booth, and I get, they are a lot of fun. But seriously, a photo booth at a kid’s birthday party? Natalie always goes over and beyond what is considered normal, when she had Amber, her registry was twenty five pages long. I almost passed out when the pages kept printing. But back to the party, I always enjoy myself at her parties, she does know how to do it but I still think that it was just a little too much. It’s like what is she going to do for his 9th birthday? I don’t know but I’m sure I’ll be there. She also loves to boast so she was talking about the photo booth all night and we had a very long conversation about how she thinks that everyone should have them at their kids party. She likes to be a trend setter but I think the trends she is trying to start are just a little bit out of people’s ranges. If only we all had that much money to spend our kids birthday parties.

One good thing is that she didn’t have it catered, not sure if I could have handled that. Her family is full of cooks who love to cook so a lot of people brought food, I did too actually. I’m not a cook like them but I do have one or two dishes that I can make, so I brought some food for the appetizers. And there was a lot of food as well there let me tell you, four tables of food. Appetizers, side dishes, main courses and of course desserts. And not just one cake for the birthday boy, cookies, cupcakes, brownies and other such goodies filled the table. No one left their hungry and most took leftovers home for tomorrow. Now, I know that I talked a lot of shit about this party but I should say that I do like Natalie, we get along real well and I love going to her parties because she knows how to throw one and I always have a good time!

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A Look Into Another World

Pictures can be such an amazing thing because ten different people can look at the same picture and come away with ten different perspectives. To me, that is way pictures are so great. You can almost see yourself in that world of the picture. To see and feel what the subject of the pictures sees and feels, unless it’s a picture of a tree or something then you can pretend that you are just a being in another place or time. You are able to let your imagination run wild with pictures.

Or you can just have the best time taking pictures, or actually being the subject of pictures you can be anything. People take pictures for all sorts of reasons, just because or because you are at a special event. We have this luxury because the technology of cameras have come so far. Can you imagine being in the time where cameras first came about? I believe it was sometime in the 1800s, and you would have to sit still for a long time for the camera to take your picture. In today’s day and age that just would not fly. Good thing we have instant photos now where we can snap a picture, save to our computers, then just print them out. It’s a wonderful thing. Pictures capture the moments in our lives that we never want to forget. If we are hanging our with our friends having a good time or if we are at a party celebrating someone getting a year older. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, what matters is that we can preserve that memory forever.

I don’t know about you but I was around when we had Polaroid cameras were invented but those things were awesome. It was a quicker process, as soon as you took a picture it printed. Granted the quality is much better now but back then it was quicker, no getting around that. But after that it seems that we took a step in the wrong direction, where we had to get our photos developed at the local store. I guess it depends on how you look at it, the quality of pictures then were better but we still had to wait about a week to see them. Then they came out with one hour photo, where they could get it develop while you shopped. But even still now is better than anything in the past because we can do it all ourselves, we don’t need to take it any where but to our own computers. We are also able to add whatever special effects to our photos as well, we can make them black and white, sepia, vintage looking or we can have words printed on them. It is exciting to see how far we have come and even more exciting to wonder where we will be with cameras, photos and technology in the future, even just five years in the future.

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