As you know by now one of my hobbies is taking pictures and I do so in the least obvious spots. One of the places that I like to go to and take pictures are abandoned places. Whether that takes me to old buildings or old towns or houses that are in the middle of nowhere and there are a lot of run down houses or other buildings. To me these are the best places to shoot they have such a history that they make breathtaking pictures. Each place or building is so unique that when you look at it the possibilities are endless. Of all of these places old farm houses and their other buildings are my favorite.

The other day I was at this really old house out in the middles of farm country that had been abandon for quite some time and it was magnificent. I didn’t go in, I never go in because you don’t know what the inside condition is like and it could be dangerous so I just walk around the property outside and shoot as many pictures as I can because you never know where the good picture is going to come from. This particular spot had a house with a garage, a huge barn and a smaller shed on the property. The garage itself is what drew my attention the most. It was a detached garage that had a huge hole in the roof where a tree had fallen through it. One side of had all of the siding ripped off and the garage door itself was hanging sideways like someone had just tried to lift one side and not the other.

At night I probably would have been terrified to be here by myself but during the beautiful sunny day that I was there, it  was not bad at all. I got some really good shots of the garage and barn, which was just as run down as the garage. The house, surprisingly, was still in good shape but I still got some shots of that as well. I left no building un-turned. I haven’t yet developed my film yet, oh I should say, that I brought two different cameras with me. I refused to give up my film, I love developing my own pictures but I also brought my digital camera because you have so many more tools to use with a computer than with a dark room. I love turning my pictures of abandon buildings into old vintage looking photos, I have sepia filter on my computer, like most do, but the old buildings turn out so well with that filter.

So I guess that my point is that you can turn any old thing into an amazing photo if you just think outside of the box and have a little imagination. You can just walk out your door and you have a hundred things to take pictures of and you can do endless things with the photos on your computer, so just get out and shoot!

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