Why Photos?

There are so many reasons to take photos, have photos, share photos and use photos. One reason, which happens to be the main reasons that I love photos, is because a hundred people can look at the same photo and come away with one hundred different feelings and reasons why they like it (or don’t like it). Pictures speak to people on a level that cannot be explain, feelings can be so deep for either liking or disliking a picture that they are almost magical. You can take a picture of any old every day object and put it in a light to actually make people ponder about it when they would otherwise not pay any attention to it.

One of these objects are trees. I love trees, I cannot even explain to you in a coherent thought about why I love trees so much, that is how deep I love trees. I collect pictures, photos, drawings, sculptures, just about anything that has trees in it. One would think that I live in a jungle because my house is full of trees. Sometimes, and this is a secret that I don’t tell many people, if I see a tree company cutting away tree branches or uprooting dead trees or whatever they do to trees, I will camp out and get pictures of the fallen trees. I never realized that they are some companies that have year round tree services and so I have pictures of such trees in every season. Trees that have had broken branches or have broken in some way are one of my favorite things to shoot. You can capture some amazing things if you can just imagine it. Broken branches that still have buds growing on them in spring, then trees that have leaves growing out of little twigs out of the trunk in summer, then of course the leaves changing color on trees in fall is one of the most beautiful things in the world, then trees covered in snow or frost in winter.

So many ways to take pictures of trees that no matter what day you go out you will find a tree worthy of taking photo of, it could also be that they just many of them that each one holds something different for each of us. Nature in general is always a good thing to take pictures of but what you feel that you want to capture in a beautiful way just take a picture of it.You will never regret it, I promise you. Even if it is a picture that of you that you feel is a “bad” photo of you, you will still cherish it because that one lone photo has captured a moment in your life that you are not going to forget. And that is what life is all about, capturing the most wonderful moments in life to hold on to forever.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to take a picture of a tree tomorrow!



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